Computer Sales & Services

Anshika Computer provides organizations and companies with a comprehensive range of computer sales, services, and many other services to meet your requirements.

Computer Sales

Anshika Computer offers single-brand computer systems and custom-built computers assembled to meet your company's demands. Our expert staff can construct entry-level to high-end computers depending on your business performance requirements. We provide the sale of name-brand desktops and all-in-one computers with the newest specifications. As part of our IT services, we offer keyboards, mice, motherboards, data cables, internal and external hard drives, printers, copiers, and other hardware.

Computer Services

The effectiveness and efficiency of your IT systems, which predominantly consist of computer systems, significantly impact your organization's general performance and efficiency. For your core business to operate at its best and to expand and flourish, your IT infrastructure must operate at its peak performance.

We offer a wide range of computer-related products, including hard drives, CPUs, monitors, motherboards, RAM (memory), speakers, cartridges, inkjet cartridge refills, floppy diskettes, UPSs, cabinets, mice, cameras, CD writers, SMPSs, TV tuner cards, networking products, display adapters, printers, computer accessories, DVD drives, used materials, sound cards, scanners, and different computer/laptop accessories which you can use to expanding your business. Therefore, Anshika Computer is the one-stop solution for your business needs.